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Do you wish cling film could be cut quickly, easily and without sticking? Now you can forget about the struggles with  cling film rolls and about uneven and torn edges! We have the perfect product for you: Gosia cling film with a cutter.

Thanks to the cutter, wrapping of food will not only be faster but also convenient and safe. All you need to do is unroll the required piece of film and then use the cutter which will cut off the film without any problems. By using our cling film with cutter you can be sure that the wrapped food is air-tight.

Use our cling film for wrapping sandwiches as well as covering containers with salad or lunch which you plan to take to work. It works well both at home, when you want to store food in the refrigerator, and outside of the home, when you want to have dishes prepared in your own kitchen at hand.

The cardboard box containing the cling film with cutter is durable, which allows you to re-fill it with another roll easily. As a result, the cutter will serve you for a long time and you will definitely find that the Gosia cling film with cutter is a product that makes your life significantly easier.

Main features of Gosia cling film with cutter:

  • safe cutter
  • simple cutting
  • easily unrolls
  • length: 50m
  • possibility of re-filling the box with another roll