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Are you looking for a product that has many different applications? Then be sure to try our 3in1 cling film with a cutter!

With its help you can store, freeze and heat food without having to move it from dish to dish. At the same time you will save yourself some washing up and time, and you do not have to worry that the dish will change its flavour or lose its aroma. Our film is more resistant to heat than other traditional films on the market.

Using our cling film means protecting food against bacteria, moisture, dirt, drying out and against the penetration of smells from other dishes. In addition, it must be mentioned that it unrolls easily, sticks perfectly to the food and guarantees easy unwrapping. Apple, sandwich, chopped vegetables or dairy products – wrap whatever you want in it!

An additional clever patent of this cling film is its cutter thanks to which you can easily cut the film exactly where you want. Fast, precise and safe!

Main features of Gosia 3in1 cling film:

  • one film – three uses
  • simple cutting off – safe cutter
  • easily unrolls
  • adheres well to food and dishes
  • length: 20m


for storing, for heating, for freezing