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The Earth is a beautiful place that we all want to take care of so we do everything to improve our products and make them more and more environmentally friendly. The Gosia brand (together with its manufacturer - the Polish company Politan), a big supporter of sustainability, offers both 100% biodegradable and products made from 100% recycled materials, all packaging we produce is also recyclable. We put great effort into making our products durable enough for you to use them many times over and that way reduce the amount of waste you produce thus supporting the zero waste way of living.

kanapka w biodegradowalnej torebce śniadaniowej


Being able to create products from biodegradable raw materials is an important milestone on the path to protecting the natural environment around us. Gosia offers 100% biodegradable rubbish bags, baking paper, breakfast paper and bags, muffin moulds, sponge cloths and cotton-like cloths. Even our household gloves made from natural latex and cotton lining are biodegradable.

KOBIETA WYJMUJĄCA Z KOSZA na smieci worek z uszami


Our company cares about the environment, which is why a large part of Gosia branded products is made from recycled materials. We are particularly proud that all of our plastic bags are made from 100% recycled materials. Thanks to our unique manufacturing technology, the bags are extremely flexible and durable at the same time despite the fact that we use less raw material in production. We call this principle "less plastic - more power". In addition, all waste generated during production processes is reused, which means that we use 100% of the raw material, nothing is wasted!


We create our products with durability in mind so they can serve you for a long time. A great example of this are our mops and microfiber cloths that can be washed in the washing machine, which means that you will be able to use them for several months. Our brooms, buckets and gloves are manufactured from strong materials and as a result need replacing less frequently, which also contributes to sustainability. Our food foil with a built in cutter allows you to replace the rolls, so by buying them, you take care of both your wallet and the environment. Another great feature to mention relates to our bags with a zip - they can be washed and reused in various ways. The Gosia brand really is eco friendly!