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Does your aluminium foil tear frequently or is it difficult to unroll? Or does it annoy you that the foil cannot be torn off evenly? It’s high time to try Gosia’s embossed aluminium foil!

Our embossed aluminium foil is much stronger than ordinary aluminium foil. You can conveniently wrap sandwiches in it or cover dishes in the oven and be sure that the foil will not tear. This will allow you to avoid the need to use double layers of foil which will significantly reduce its consumption. Thanks to this reduction the foil roll will last for a very long time.

Our embossed aluminium foil will be useful for you and your loved ones not only for wrapping sandwiches and extending the freshness of food but also for dyeing hair and even for sharpening scissors. One of our clever ideas for Gosia’s foil is to wrap it around banana ends which extends the ripening process.

Embossed aluminium foil is easy to unroll and at the same time it is easy to tear off a piece of the right size. The strength of the film means that one firm movement allows the film to be torn evenly and avoids unexpected holes as is the case with foil without embossing.

Remember that aluminium foil should not be used for wrapping of acidic products.

Main features of Gosia embossed aluminium foil:

  • thick and durable
  • extremely strong due to embossing
  • multifunctional
  • easily unrolled
  • available in several lengths: 10m, 20m or 30m
  • foil width: 29 cm