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Do you need a product that will help you extend the freshness of food you buy every day? You’ve come to the right place! With a clear conscience we can recommend to you the Gosia cling film!

You can use it in many different ways: wrap sandwiches in it, cover a box of salad or dessert or wrap a fruit. It will work great when you want to store food in the fridge but also when you are out of the house, when you want to take dishes prepared in your own kitchen on a trip or to work.

Our cling film is flexible and easily unrolls which helps you save time in the morning, and thanks to the fact that it adheres well to dishes and food products, it will maintain the taste, smell and freshness of the foods. The film  also serves as a protective layer against moisture, bacteria, drying out and unpleasant odours, e.g. from the refrigerator.

Cling film on a roll can be a spare insert to our boxed cling film with a cutter  – these products are a great duo!

Main features of Gosia cling film:

  • easily unrolled
  • elastic
  • adheres well to products and dishes
  • supplements the boxed cling film with a cutter
  • length: 30m