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Do you like to try out all kinds of innovations and improvements? We present to you one of the most innovative products of the Gosia brand: a rotary, flat mop! Gosia’s rotary mop consists of a durable bucket equipped with a rotating system, a stick with an automatically folding base for wringing and a cleaning cartridge made of yellow microfiber, i.e. an explosive mixture!

This mop is incredibly flat – it can get into any space! It is very light and handy and it folds automatically for wringing, you won’t have to get your hands dirty to fold it or unfold it. To be honest, you won’t have to get your hands dirty at all because Gosia’s rotary mop is the king in its category!

When you choose Gosia’s rotary flat mop, you choose comfort because you won’t have to use a pedal. You choose the absorbency guaranteed by yellow microfiber. You choose automation and reliability. You choose versatility because it will clean tiles, laminate, parquet or lino.

The yellow microfiber rotary mop leaves no streaks and does not require the use of detergents. You just have to have it!

Main features of the Gosia rotary mop:

  • the swivel mechanism is hidden in the stick which makes it easier to operate the mop
  • you can reach spaces even under low furniture
  • no need to touch the cleaning part of the mop while cleaning
  • light and handy
  • leaves no streaks
  • wipes almost dry