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Do you have a small apartment and don’t have the space for large, hard-to-hide floor cleaning equipment? The Gosia self-standing handy mop is a solution you’ll love!

This handy mop has a special base that allows it to be stored anywhere – without the need to lean it against a wall or hang it in a wardrobe. Wherever you put it, it will fit. It looks very modern and could even be stored in the living room!

Gosia’s handy standing mop will allow you to conveniently clean all floors in the house without getting your hands dirty – regardless of whether you have laminate flooring, ceramic tiles or parquet. This is possible due to a special mechanism which eliminates the need for using a bucket!

Our standing mop is made from 100% microfiber which makes it very absorbent, it does not leave streaks and you do not need detergents to enjoy a clean and beautiful floor!

Simply buy this mop, place it anywhere in your home and have it always at hand!

Main features of the Gosia handy mop:

  • you will not get your hands dirty, it has a special mechanism which drains away dirt and water
  • it is free-standing, no need to lean it against anything
  • it is extremely compact – it takes up very little space
  • its head is made of 100% absorbent and dirt-attracting microfiber
  • leaves no streaks