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Want a clean floor without streaks, but don’t feel like scrubbing the floor on your knees? Treat yourself to the Gosia yellow microfiber mop with a scrubbing sponge and see for yourself that it is possible. The yellow microfiber mop consists of two elements – a microfiber ‘skirt’ and a scrubbing sponge. Microfiber is a fabric that literally attracts dirt. With its help, you can effectively remove the most common types of dirt such as dust, pet hair, juice, coffee or milk stains. The dirt collected by microfiber can be easily rinsed out and the mop is fully ready for use again. If more difficult stains happen to appear on the floor, the scrubbing sponge will deal with them very well and will clean the floor in no time.

The yellow microfibre mop is a dream come true for every person who wants to clean floors quickly and trouble-free. It can be used to clean wooden, laminate, tiles and lino floors. The mop absorbs water very well, which makes it useful not only for bigger cleaning jobs but also for wiping  up spills. The mop head fits universal mop sticks.

The yellow microfiber mop is the most popular microfiber mop in our country! * If you want a clean floor without scrubbing or streaks, do not hesitate any longer and order it today!

Main features of the Gosia yellow microfiber mop:

  • a scrubbing sponge that removes even dried-on stains
  • microfiber fabric that attracts dirt and dust
  • machine washable head
  • universal – works on various types of floors
  • very absorbent – near-dry wiping
  • universal screw thread fits various mop poles

scrubbing sponge – removes the toughest stains

*Politan za Nielsen – panel handlu detalicznego (jako suma rynków: hipermarkety, supermarkety, dyskonty, sklepy chemiczne, duże sklepy spożywcze, średnie sklepy spożywcze, małe sklepy spożywcze, kioski, stacje benzynowe), sprzedaż ilościowa w sztukach w okresie skumulowanym kwiecień 2018 – marzec 2019 w kategorii ścierki i mopy, segment mopy z mikrofibry.