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If you have either wooden panel flooring or parquet in your apartment as well as rough surfaces (e.g. tiles with uneven surfaces be sure to try our new product: the Gosia yellow microfiber PLUS mop!

The blue part of the mop is made of rough nylon which effectively scrubs and removes stubborn dirt. The insert makes the mop even more universal – thanks to it you can clean any rough, uneven floors such as tiles, epoxy resin surfaces or stone floors.

The new Gosia skirt mop will not leave streaks or particles of fabric on your floors because dust and dirt ‘stick’ to the mop and the surface remains clean and dries quickly.

The yellow microfiber PLUS mop, just like its standard version, also has a scrubbing sponge which is great for spot cleaning of dry stains, making your home sparkle with cleanliness.

If required, the replacement ‘plus’ mop insert can be fitted onto many universal sticks.

Main features of the Gosia yellow microfiber PLUS mop:

  • suitable for all types of flooring
  • has a patented scrubbing sponge
  • wipes almost dry
  • does not smear dirt on the surface
  • perfect for cleaning dried-on stains
  • the mop head is machine washable and as a result lasts longer
  • universal thread allows you to connect the head and stick with other products