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Are you one of those people who think that irregular-shaped ice looks better in a smoothie or a cocktail but you don’t want to buy an ice crusher? We have a product for you that will give you the same effect: ‘shake down’ crushed ice bags by Gosia!

Our ice bags for crushed ice are durable and you can easily use them not only to freeze water but also juice or alcohol. Now the drinks at your parties will look even better!

‘shake down’ bags for crushed ice by Gosia are the best for occasional receptions. Just lightly crush the ice inside the bag and shake the packaging and the crushed ice will appear on its own! No spills or mess. Due to the fact that one packet will make up to 960 ice cubes, you do not have to worry that you will run out of it in the middle of the event!

Main features of Gosia’s ‘shake down’ ice bags for crushed ice:

  • the ‘shake down’ mechanism ensures easy removal of the cubes
  • as many as 960 cubes in 8 bags
  • crushed ice looks great in drinks

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