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Do you like to use clever solutions for parties? If so, you will surely be interested in Gosia’s self-sealing ice cube bags.

Our ice cube bags are a hit at parties, they are convenient, quick and hassle-free to use. Whether you often have guests or you just like to have ice in your freezer all the time, be sure to give them a try! The special, self-sealing structure of the bag means that after filling it with water or another drink you do not have to tie it – just turn the bag upside down and it will seal itself. Isn’t it a great idea?

In addition, these Gosia bags are durable, made of elastic material, you will not have to worry that the liquid will leak out of them.

Main features of Gosia self-sealing ice cube bags:

  • the bag is self-sealing, liquid does not spill out
  • 216 ice cubes per 9 bags
  • large ice cubes