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Do you like to always have ice cubes in the freezer because unexpected guests often come by? If you are a fan of proven solutions, reach for the tie-top ice cube bags from the Gosia brand!

The tie-top ice cube bags can be used for freezing not only water but also juice, alcohol or broth. The tying of the bags is very intuitive – after pouring the liquid in, you tear the perforation at the top, tie it and it’s done! Quick and easy.

Our ice cube bags are durable and flexible and can be safely placed on the freezer shelf next to other frozen foods.

With Gosia tie-top ice cube bags, every party will be unforgettable and the drinks will look great. Each pack will produce 192 large ice cubes so you do not have to worry that ice cubes will run out! Have fun!

Main features of the Gosia tie-top ice cube bags:

  • easy to use tie-top
  • 192 ice cubes in 8 bags
  • large ice cubes