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If you are struggling with cleaning non-stick pans or porcelain, try our plastic scourer with a handle which has been designed to remove stubborn dirt, wash delicate dishes and clean burnt surfaces. It is very durable – it will last a long time. A special built-in handle makes it easier to clean heavily soiled dishes while also protecting nails and palms from damage and moisture.

The Gosia plastic scourer with handle is the best solution for a burnt pot which you’d rather not scrub with a regular stainless steel scourer. Our product will always be the safer option. Naturally, you can also use it effectively when washing less dirty dishes. It copes well with traces of coffee or tea in cups and with removing leftovers from hard-to-reach places such as forks.

Main features of the Gosia plastic scourer:

  • equipped with a patented handle which protects your palms and nails from damage while washing dishes
  • very durable
  • does not scratch surfaces, unlike metal scourers