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Do you wash the dishes often? Is cleaning large pots, pans and bowls time consuming and problematic? Do you dream about a quick fix for this? Reach for the large Gosia scouring pad which is larger than standard washing up sponge!

The sponge in the Gosia scouring pad is very durable and its specific air-bubble structure will ensure easier squeezing and better foaming of washing-up liquid. It will also be easier for you to rinse the liquid out of the sponge. Due to the fact that the sponge is larger, large-size dishes can be cleaned faster and more efficiently, but the scourer can be as easily used for washing up cutlery, plates or cups.

The Gosia large scouring pad consists of a scrubbing layer which removes dirt and food residues, and a spongy layer which will help to spread the washing-up liquid over the dishes and make it easier to clean hard-to-reach places, e.g.  forks or inside of cups. Try it out!

Main features of the Gosia large scouring pad:

  • thanks to its larger size you will clean the dishes faster
  • durable
  • easy to squeeze out liquid and foam
  • consists of scrubbing and sponge layers