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You don’t like washing dishes? Does it bother you that your hands touch the remains of food? You don’t want to damage your hands or nails? The metal scrubber with a handle from the Gosia brand is the perfect solution for you!

Gosia’s spiral scrubber will remove dirt from dishes, burnt pots and even grill grates. The special handle will help you clean grimy dishes while also protecting your hands and nails. The scrubber is very durable and effective.

If you expect a spectacular effect – reach for the Gosia metal scrubber with a handle.

Just remember that it can scratch delicate surfaces and remember to use a plastic scrubber or a scourer for delicate surfaces for those types of dishes.

Main features of the Gosia metal scrubber with a handle:

  • effectively removes stubborn dirt
  • thanks to the patented handle you will not damage your hands or nails
  • very durable