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Guests are arriving in a few hours and you’re out of baking paper? Reach for Gosia baking paper in a box and bake a delicious cake without greasing the tin! Healthy, tasty and clever!

You can use our baking paper in both gas and electric ovens at temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius. It is not only cakes that our baking paper is useful for but also pizza, meat, cookies, fries, tarts and vegetarian dishes. Thanks to the double-sided coating, the paper does not stick to the tin or the food, it also prevents the dishes from burning.

By choosing Gosia baking paper in a box you show your eco-friendly attitude because this product is 100% biodegradable. If you want your kitchen to have the highest quality products – reach for this baking paper.

Main features of Gosia baking paper:

  • biodegradable
  • prevents food from sticking and burning
  • available in two widths – for larger and smaller tins (6m x 29cm, 8m x 38cm and 6m x 38cm)
  • double-sided – you don’t have to think about which side is up
  • for both sweet and savoury dishes