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Do you roast and grill a lot? Are you annoyed by the constant cleaning of the oven and grate? Our strong Aluminium foil with embossing by Gosia is heat-resistant and will successfully protect the oven and grill from dirt. It is also perfect for wrapping food.

Gosia’s orange Aluminium foil is thick and very durable (thanks to embossing), it does not crack or crumble when exposed to high temperatures. You can grill a steak or vegetables on it, as well as roast meat or bake fish – whatever you choose, it will be delicious!

Gosia Aluminium foil with embossing will keep your dishes full of aroma and flavour. Just remember, it is not suitable for storing acidic products.

Main features of Gosia embossed Aluminium foil:

  • heat resistant
  • mega strong and very durable
  • suitable for roasting, grilling, wrapping
  • 29 cm wide and 10m long