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Do you sort your rubbish and want to have waste bags in colours matching the type of waste? You’ve come to the right place because Gosia offers bags for segregating all types of rubbish.

Gosia’s waste segregation bags are a product that perfectly fulfills its function. First of all, they come in a size that matches standard size waste bins and the colour of the bags immediately indicates what type of waste should be in them.

These bags are made of a strong LDPE film, which guarantees that they will not tear under the weight of the waste thrown into them. Once filled, they can be conveniently tied with the string at the top of the bag. During tying, a handle is created, which can serve as a tool which makes it easier to throw the bag into a larger container.

Main features of Gosia waste segregation bags with drawstring:

  • thanks to the drawstring, you can tie the bag and throw away rubbish comfortably and without getting your hands dirty
  • the colours of the bags match the types of waste
  • very strong and durable
  • from 100% recycled materials