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Are you fed up with bin bags tearing under the weight of rubbish? You don’t like taking out the rubbish because you never know how to grab a bag so it won’t untie? Check out Gosia’s tie top refuse sacks and give them a try in your home.

Gosia tie top refuse sacks are durable, being made of strong film. Now you do not have to worry that the waste thrown into the bin will puncture the bag, soil the bin and then fall out of the bag on the way to the waste container. They are strong and durable,therefore very convenient to use. The upper edge of the bag is profiled in such a way that ‘ears’ are formed with which a full bag can be tied easily. After tying them you can comfortably grab them and take the bag to the waste container without worrying that the waste will spill out on the way.

Main features of Gosia tie top refuse sacks:

  • they are very durable
  • convenient tie top makes the bag easy to remove from the bin without getting your hands dirty
  • available in two variants: 35l (14 pieces), 60l (10 pieces) and 120l (10 pieces)