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Do you value comfort and precision when cleaning? The Gosia strip mop, complete with a stick, is a product that will meet your expectations. Thanks to evenly distributed strips, you can clean the floor not only thoroughly, but also quickly. The fabric which the mop is made from is delicate, so you do not have to worry about scratching the laminate flooring or lino. The strips perfectly absorb water and their reinforced structure will allow you to keep using the mop for a long time.

Gosia’s strip mop will work on various home surfaces, even on stairs and in narrow gaps between and under furniture. Reach for it if you’d like your floors to dry quickly after cleaning!

It works great in a set with a bucket equipped with a water wringer. The mop head fits most sticks available on the market.

Main features of the Gosia brand strip mop:

  • washes thoroughly and quickly
  • thanks to a specially designed spacing of strips, it does not scratch the surface
  • it absorbs water well, leaves floors damp, not wet