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Are you looking for a mop that absorbs water well and dries quickly at the same time? Reach for the string mop with microfiber by Gosia!

You will surely fall in love with the fact that Gosia’s string mop is very precise and accurately removes dirt from various types of surfaces. It is especially recommended for ceramic floors as it does not leave streaks. This is possible due to the combination of the strength of microfiber and the softness of cotton in it. Be sure to try it out!

If you ever decide to replace the mop head, you don’t have to worry because our stick is universal and it won’t be a problem.

Main features of the Gosia string mop with microfiber:

  • leaves no streaks on cleaned surfaces
  • dries quickly
  • very absorbent
  • effectively removes dirt and dust
  • combines the softness of cotton and the accuracy of microfiber