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Are you looking for a narrow bucket that will take up less space in your home? Choose the rectangular bucket by Gosia which has been created to complement the self-standing handy mop but will definitely prove itself in many household jobs and will adapt to your cleaning style.

This Gosia bucket has a capacity of 13 litres, it is narrow and elongated so you can easily put it away in a wardrobe or a narrow cupboard. This is probably the most compact bucket on the Polish market!

It is durable so that you can pour a lot of water into it (or put a few heavier items in it) and it has a comfortable handle so you can easily carry it to the desired location.

Gosia’s bucket has a distinctive blue colour which will make cleaning floors and other nooks and crannies more pleasant for you.

 Main features of the Gosia rectangular bucket:

  • it is narrow, which makes it easy to store
  • high capacity (up to 13l) and durability
  • Perfect for pairing with the Gosia self-standing handy mop and other rectangular mops
  • features a comfortable handle