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Are you always worried about damaging your nails when washing dishes? Buy the Gosia profiled dishwasher and you will get rid of these well-founded fears! How is our profiled scourer different from other sponges on the market? We have designed a special ‘recess’ in the sides of the scourer into which your fingertips will fit perfectly. Thanks to this small change, the nails are not so exposed to contact with the scrubbing part of the sponge or dirty, dried dishes. It works!

The Gosia profiled scourer is extremely durable, as a result it will serve you longer than competitors’ products. You can effectively and efficiently clean off both fresh and dried-on dirt from plates, pots, pans or cutlery with it. We advise you to start by using the scrubbing side that will collect the most dirt, then turn the sponge over and use the soft side to clean hard-to-reach places.

Main features of the Gosia profiled scourer:

  • very durable
  • consists of a scrubbing and a sponge part
  • profiled, which makes the scouring pad more comfortable to hold, and nails are protected against damage