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Do you have a beautiful garden, terrace or path and it is important to you that it is always well-kept? Then you will like the Gosia garden broom created for use outdoors which you can effectively sweep away any surfaces around your house with! The hard bristles of Gosia’s broom can handle leaves or moss on granite or stone paving, sand and soil on terrace boards, as well as cleaning the garage or floor in utility rooms.

Protective rubbers placed on the sides will prevent furniture or walls from being damaged. Additionally, the broom bristles are arranged in such a way as to make cleaning easier – they prevent dust from rising and allow you to reach hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Gosia’s outdoor broom complete with a durable stick is a solution for demanding customers that you must try out.

Main features of the Gosia outdoor broom:

  • the bristles prevent dust from rising
  • ideal for outdoor surfaces: terraces, pavements, driveways
  • helps you get to hard-to-reach places