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Do you nervous just at the thought of cleaning windows? We have something for you that will make this activity more pleasant. Meet the Gosia microfiber window cleaning cloth which  will become your greatest ally at cleaning windows! Our microfiber window cleaning cloths are the perfect solution for comprehensive window cleaning.

The microfiber window cloth is in fact two cloths. The purple cloth is absorbent and effectively removes dirt, no dirt present on the window frames will scare you any more. The cloth can be rinsed easily, it dries quickly. It is used for wet cleaning. In turn, the grey cloth is perfect for polishing windows, leaving no streaks on the wiped surfaces. For best results, wet it  slightly.

Both Gosia window cleaning cloths are machine washable at 60 degrees. Both don’t require any detergents either! Nothing left but start a thorough window clean!

Main features of Gosia window cleaning cloths:

  • a complete window cleaning set: purple for cleaning, grey for polishing
  • they do not leave fabric particles on the surface
  • machine washable
  • cloth dimensions: 38 x 38 cm