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No all-purpose cloth meets your requirements? Are you looking for something that will really work in the kitchen and in the living room? In the Gosia brand offer we have a novelty for you – a hybrid cloth!

The hybrid cloth is a complete novelty on the microfiber cloth market! It combines the absorbency of a sponge cloth with the durability of microfiber thanks to its polyurethane coating (PU for short). It is multifunctional, it will work in the kitchen and in the living room. In addition, try it when cleaning the bathroom – you may be very positively surprised! The hybrid cloth combines the features of dust cloths, sponge cloths and glass and mirror cloths! There’s a reason we call it “hybrid” 😉

What does this hybrid combination of sponge and microfiber mean in practice?

  • In the kitchen: it perfectly absorbs all spilled liquids, cleans countertops and even cleans the induction hob without streaks! Importantly, when you leave it to dry, it will not become as hard as a sponge cloth, but will remain soft and pleasant to the touch
  • In the living room: it perfectly collects dust and most importantly – it does not leave lint! This means perfectly collected dust, without correction 😉 It rinses out dirt well and quickly, so cleaning will take you much less time than usual!
  • In the bathroom: the cloth perfectly absorbs water, so it works well when washing the shower cabin, bathtub and sink! You can also clean mirrors and dust with it

The main features of the Gosia hybrid cloth:

  • perfectly absorbs spilled liquids
  • will live well
  • rinses out easily
  • multifunctional – for the kitchen, living room and bathroom
  • very durable
  • machine washable
  • size: 29×29 cm