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Gosia’s ‘2in1’ broom is a solution for people who value multifunctional items! It is equipped with both soft and harder bristles thanks to which you can collect both fine and larger dirt. It can be used on various surfaces: ceramic tiles, concrete floor, laminate flooring but also hallways, terraces and balconies.

The Gosia double-function broom will not damage your furniture or stairs due to special protective rubber bands which are placed on its sides and absorb impacts.

Sweep the house quickly and efficiently with the Gosia ‘2in1’ broom and enjoy clean floors!

Main features of Gosia’s ‘2in1’ broom:

  • soft bristles will prove themselves on indoor floors and hard bristles on balconies and garages
  • protective rubber bands prevent the broom from damaging furniture
  • you can thoroughly sweep both dust and larger dirt with it