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Do you like to be prepared for any situation and always have a freezer full of frozen food? If you do not know our freezer bags yet – we encourage you to catch up!

This product is loved by all Poles thanks to the numerous advantages of the bags. Gosia freezer bags will allow you to keep the natural taste and aroma of the food – either raw or already processed. Thanks to special fields on the bag you can accurately describe the contents of the bag and include the date of freezing or the date by which you want to defrost and eat a given dish.

We have also added new, even better clips to this product, thanks to which you can easily and efficiently seal each bag. We wish you successful freezing and plenty of tasty dishes on the table!

Main features of Gosia freezer bags:

  • space for writing the description of frozen food
  • clips for easy sealing
  • the products do not change their taste or aroma
  • variants: 3l (25 pcs.) and 5l (20 pcs.)