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Has it happened to you before that you were wrapping your lunch and the sheet of tissue paper turned out to be too small? Try Gosia’s  food wrapping paper, its sheets are connected with perforations so you can wrap even those really large sandwiches in it!

You can use Gosia’s food paper not only for lunch or snacks but also for storing cold cuts or cheese in the fridge and the products will retain their taste and aroma. And if you happen to run out of baking paper, you can always grease a sheet of our food wrapping paper and problem sorted – you can start baking!

It is worth mentioning that our food paper is grease-proof so you do not have to worry about stains on your clothes, purse or backpack.

By choosing our baking paper, you help the environment because it is a biodegradable product, made from 100% paper.

 Main features of Gosia brand food wrapping paper:

  • sheets connected by perforations
  • sheet dimensions: 23cm x 31cm
  • impedes the penetration of fat
  • biodegradable
  • 40 sheets