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Are you looking for an ideal bucket with which home cleaning will become a pleasure? We recommend to you our large, durable and comfortable to use bucket with a wringer by Gosia. With it, cleaning floors, windows and other places in the home will be much easier. It has high capacity (up to 15 litres) so you will not have to change the water too often and will save time. The Gosia bucket is equipped with a large size wringer which helps you conveniently squeeze out excess liquid from a mop head of any size. The wringer has many advantages, the most important being is durability and flexibility, thanks to which you can drain the mop even while applying greater force. The floor will dry faster and you will be able to relax faster.

The bucket with wringer is made from durable plastic which means that it will serve you for many years. It is also stable, you do not need to be especially careful when you press on it so that it does not tip over.

Gosia’s bucket complete with a wringer is an inexpensive but high-quality product. It is undoubtedly stands out with its distinctive blue colour, you will not confuse it with a competitor’s product.

Main features of the Gosia wringer bucket:

  • durable and stable
  • high capacity (15 litre) speeds up cleaning
  • with a large, durable wringer
  • distinctive blue colour