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A tart or a pizza – which one do you fancy more often? Regardless of what you choose – reach for the Gosia aluminium ‘pizza and tart’ mould which can also be used for baking cakes.

The aluminium tray for pizza and tart is a single-use product, so no need for cleaning afterwards. It does not need to be greased which will save your loved ones a few calories and for you will save a few minutes when preparing the tin.

Gosia’s aluminium tray for baking pizza and tarts is a friend of every home-grown cook. A tart, either savoury or sweet – each one will be delicious! You can serve your dish without removing it from the mould, however if you need to take it out – you will do so without any difficulty.

Gosia’s ‘tart or pizza’ tray is also suitable for putting dishes taken out from the freezer directly into the oven to warm them up. Enjoy your meal!

Main features of Gosia’s pizza and tart tray:

  • for various types of baking – sweet and savoury
  • you do not need to add grease – the food will not stick to the mould
  • you can serve your dishes directly to the table