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Reach for the aluminium tins for cakes and gratin by Gosia if you love to bake delicious sweet treats or make meat, vegetable or pasta bakes. Our tins are disposable which means less dishes to wash. You do not need to grease the aluminium, taking the dish out of the tin  will not be a problem.

Any dish prepared in Gosia’s aluminium tin will be a success. Dough rises beautifully, savoury bakes are juicy and each dish cooks quickly and evenly.

These tins have another advantage: food frozen in them can be put directly from the freezer into a preheated oven.

When you want your cake or gratin to be perfect – use the Gosia aluminium tins and everything will work out.

Main features of Gosia’s tins for cake and gratin:

  • no additional fat required
  • food does not stick to the tin
  • the tins are disposable, you will have less washing up
  • food can be taken out of the freezer and placed directly in the oven
  • each pack includes 3 tins measuring 27 cm x 17 cm