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Are you interested in clever solutions for your kitchen? Take a closer look at the Gosia perforated food foil on a roll!

Using aluminium foil for wrapping food with will protect the food stored in the fridge not only against the penetration of smells from other foods but also against moisture, bacteria or drying out.

You can quickly wrap a snack or lunch for work with food foil as it can be easily unrolled and the perforations will prevent you from having to reach for scissors. A very convenient solution, right? You can wrap an apple, banana or a sandwich in a single sheet and for larger products, just tear the foil off a little further, using two or three sheets – and it’s ready!

Main features of Gosia perforated aluminium foil:

  • convenient tearing of the foil thanks to perforation
  • 57 sheets
  • easily unrolls
  • length: 20m